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Companion Care In Winchester, VA

Find our how companion care can help you stay socially engaged in Winchester, VA

It is not uncommon for seniors to feel lonely. Many times, their loneliness is related to isolation, but not always. Some seniors may be physically isolated and not feel lonely while others can be surrounded by people and feel all alone. This is important to remember because helping a senior through loneliness is usually more entailed than just introducing them to more people.

Some seniors choose to be alone. Others face isolating circumstances that have been thrust upon them. As we age, friends and family tend to move or pass away. Many times, the people in a senior's life slowly dwindled away until they were the only one left.

According to the AARP, loneliness does not just make somebody feel sad or lonely. The state of loneliness can impact a senior's physical and mental health. In addition to depression, loneliness can also lead to increased risks of hypertension and dementia. One study found that senior women with large social networks "reduced their risk of dementia and delayed or prevented cognitive impairment...and women who had daily contact with friends and family cut their risk of dementia by almost half."

What about seniors who don't have large social networks or cannot maintain daily contact with family or friends? That is where Comfort Keepers, companion care comes in. Companion care is not just sitting around watching television. Through Comfort Keepers trademarked interactive caregiving, care providers do more than simply help with daily living tasks, transportation, or errands. Instead, and more importantly, they provide meaningful social, emotional, and cognitive engagement which helps reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

With Comfort Keepers, companion care starts with a customized plan of care designed to address a senior's specific needs. During this time, caregivers listen to the senior and their family, so they can find out what a senior is truly passionate about, what they like, what they dislike, and what they define as meaningful.

Loneliness robs a senior of their quality of life and steals the enjoyment of one's elder years. Comfort Keepers’ companion care helps senior's get that joy back.

For more information on Comfort Keepers’ award-winning companion care services, based on their trademarked Interactive Caregiving model, contact a care coordinator, today. 

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